In South London blocked drains are a daily problem. The public drain system in South London which spans from Lambeth to Croydon & Dartford to Richmond is regularly maintained but as most pipe blocks are on private property where drain maintenance is rarely carried out, sink and toilet blocks happen on regularly. The sink, bath or toilet will often empty slowly with the development of the drain blockage. It is always better to act quickly as solid matter may congeal and we advise that you get the drain clearance work done before a complete blockage happens.

After your local drain engineer referred by Millbank Drains Cleaning Services has cleaned the drain, you should flush detergent every few days to prevent more drain blocks. The Millbank drain engineers can show you how to maintain clean drains as part of the drain cleaning service.

Millbank Drain Clearance will clean drains by appointment with you - just call and your local drain engineer will attend as agreed. Blocked drains, sink and toilet blockages and general waste drain cleaning are the most common problems and they can usually be cleared with a range of drain unblocking equipment.

If you want drain maintenance to prevent drain blockages, MillbankDrains can advise and meet all your drain clearing requirements.

Millbank Drains - for your South London blocked drain clearance services.

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Blocked Drain Clearance in London

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