Unblocking a toilet in South London

Blocked toilets often require external access through drain cleaning access points. Anything falling into the toilet bowl can cause blocks after being washed into the system as well as hygiene products causing some drain blockages.

When unblocking toilets and sewers in South London, our drain clearing engineers may need to open sewer manholes near the apartment/house so please ensure that no drain access points are blocked. The drain engineer in south London works within the area spanning from Lambeth to Croydon & from Dartford to Richmond and may well already have visited the street that you are living in.

Blocked toilets, baths & sinks should be cleaned quickly for hygiene reasons. An experienced drain engineer in Millbank will clear the blocked drain safely, quickly and hygienically. Depending on the layout of the blocked pipes, both internal and external access may be required.

Toilet blockages in the sewer pipe usually only require rodding or jetting. Sink or bath blockages in the pipe underneath the sink/bath may be unblocked using drain wire or light jetting. With a range of drain and sink clearance equipment your South London Drains engineer will clean the toilet, sink or drain hygienically and leaving the pipework undamaged.

Most drain blocks can be cleared after a few tries with rods or pressurised drain jetters that are very effective in clearing blocked drains.

In South London and the Millbank area, your drain clearance engineer will use conventional mechanical methods to remove drain blocks to give an effective long lasting cleared drain.

Millbank quick response drain clearing service gives you the best deal.

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Blocked Drain Clearance in London

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